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For you convenience we offer onsite services. Why not let us make a house call to your door step to service you golf cart? We offer annual services on site as well as minor repairs and diagnostics. Usually this service eliminates the inconvenience of dealing with the golf cart needing to get hauled to the shop.


Our service trucks are stocked with the most common parts and tools needed to take care of 60% off all golf cart repairs.


Pickup & Delivery Service

Mobile Golf Car Repairs

For the bigger jobs, AC Electric Vehicles can pick-up your golf car(s) from any business or residence, safely transport them back to our warehouse, and provide quick turnaround time for you.


How it works:


Step 1: Help!


Call us at (760) 325-0070 to schedule your pick up time. Our available pick up time is Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm. We coordinate a two hour window to arrive to your door step. From here, we send you an email confirmation to confirm the time and date of your pick up of your electric vehicle.


Step 2: Here we come.


The day schedule for pick up our Driver will call you 1 hour before to confirm pick up. Upon arrival, Driver will hand you a pick up ticket outlining the notes provided over the phone and the items that need attention. Golf cart will get inspected for damage prior to loading on trailer and have you initial any items. We do ask to remove any person items that may be lost upon transportation. In most case, we transport in an open trailer and we would hate for your personal items to be lost.


Step 3: We can fix it.


In most cases, our Technicians can diagnose your golf cart within 48 hours of arrival to our manufacturing facility. Repairs or maintenance can take 3-5 business days.


Step 4: Reliable delivery!


We call or email you to schedule a delivery date and time.

or call (760) 325-0070




(760) 325 0070

77588 El Duna Ct, Suite G

Palm Desert, CA 92211