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ACEV provides complete golf cart maintenance and service for all makes & models of golf carts – both gas and electric, including the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule.


ACEV is a leading provider of golf cart sales, maintenance and repairs. We recently announced a new preventative maintenance service contract options that are designed to help customers save money on factory recommended repairs and adjustments on their golf carts in order to avoid costly future repairs. Routine maintenance also helps note problems with a golf cart and provides customers with a comprehensive diagnosis and quote for the cost of golf cart repairs


Increase the longevity and reliability of your golf cart with our preventative maintenance program. Schedule your service in advance to ensure the maintenance is performed on time and as needed. We can either pickup your cart for service or perform the service at your location.


The Works Annual Golf Cart Service $200


We come to you! Let us bring our staff, techs and carts to service customers

For your convenience we offer Mobile Service where we can service your golf car on site. For your golf car service or repairs and customization our Indio manufacturing facility can take care of our your golf cart needs. We are your golf cart specialist. To schedule an appointment, call us at (760) 325-0070 or click on the link below.



 -Water the batteries. Observe that water flow occurs  and no water overflows from any cell

 -Battery carriage cleaning

 -Wash battery tops and clean terminals with baking     soda/water solution. Apply Battery Terminal Protector Spray (CC P/N 1014305) to battery terminals.

 -Load test individual batteries and print out status report

 -Manually check battery electrolyte levels of cells to verify correct valve operation.


  -Check air pressure and adjust if necessary.


  -Charger receptacle (WD-40)

  -Lube Brake System, per maintenance and service manual.

  -Lubricate all rotating joints in pedal group.

  -Front Suspension (all fittings).

  -Check/Fill Drive Unity to Level Plug

  -Inspect Front Wheel Bearings and repack as necessary.


  -Front wheel alignment and camber. Check for tightness and damage.

Brake System

  -Check Brake Shoes; replace if necessary.

  -Check brake cables for damage; replace if necessary.


  -Wiring and Connections (Check for tightness and damage; replace if necessary).

  -Check all electrical wiring, lights and components.


  -Pull and service motor if required. Clean out residue and check motor bearing.

Visual Inspection and Road Test

  -Check Forward/Revers Switch

  -Brakes, Park Brake



  -Check rear end for leaks

  -Check for loose hardware; tighten if necessary.

  -In general, listen for any unusual noises such as squeaks or rattles.                                          

  -Wash and Tire Shine

The Works Annual Service $200

• Details vehicle according to the customer’s specific instructions.

• Shampoos carpets and upholstery.

• Cleans all trash, debris and dirt from the interior of the vehicle.  

•Reconditions the vehicle’s exterior.

• Polishes the exterior chrome and all trim on the exterior of the vehicle using special chrome cleaners.

• Buff out minor paint scratches and polish paint.

• Cleans and polishes wheel rims and makes them sparkle.

Detail Service  $120.00


Detail Golf Car Service

AC Electric Vehicles is equipted with welders, plasma cutters, benders, drill press and more to take care of all your fabricating needs.






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